Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm so serious people. I have no clue. Second date with Brandon is coming up on Thursday (We're seeing Man of Steel) (HENRY CAVILL NEEDS AN IDENTICAL TWIN YOUNGER BROTHER. I WOULD MOVE ANYWHERE FOR THAT. I WOULD QUIT MY JOB FOR THAT, AND I LOVE MY JOB.)

That man is beautiful from all angles. See above for proof.
Back to reality. Oh who are we kidding? This is a Henry appreciation post. 
#BOOM #PREGNANT #CanWeTalkAboutThoseArms?

It should be illegal to look this good. Rest assured none of my matches come close. Yet. Sigh.

He looks like THAT. Plus he's British, and talented. He is, essentially, my ideal man.

Life's not fair.

But back to me and online dating. I've been at this for what, 3 weeks? It feels like eight and a half years already. I've already had a guy bring up marriage. (32, lives in Brooklyn, works for a car rental company, not a US citizen, English is his THIRD language. That makes me feel more unaccomplished than uncomfortable. It's the marriage thing that bothered me more.) At this point I've noticed a trend. On JDate my matches were old. Like sugar daddy old. Seriously. If you're older than my Dad, I'm not hitting that with a ten foot pole. I am NOT Soon Yi Previn or Catherine Zeta Jones. On eHarmony, the guys are, lets say- more exotic. Less old white Jews and more Asian and African immigrants. Trying to avoid miscommunication is HARD with cultural AND language differences working against me. It's considerably grosser though when the options are all horn dogs.

One thing is for certain though. Through my blog I'm learning that I'm not alone and I'm getting some really great stories out of it. 

Sarah was the first to offer to talk to me about online dating!
Sites tried: OKCupid, RSVP, NZDating
Me: What made you try online dating?
Sarah: A friend of mine was on OKCupid and RSVP. I can't remember how I came across NZDating. I think I looked it up on Google.
I was looking for someone who I could feel comfortable with and who wanted the same things I did. I met a lot of horny guys just out for a good time. I met a few guys who were just plain scary.
There were some decent ones out there. Past experience stopped me from getting to know them. I got to a certain point and just shut down and went off line for a bit.

Me: Any interesting horror stories?
Sarah: The horny ones would message me and would seem ok for the first couple of messages. Then I would get messages saying "What are you wearing? Let's fuck." or "I have a boner right now, wanna fuck?" Or they would just message asking what I was looking for and "I'm just looking for a night of fun. What are you doing tonight? Wanna do me?" The scary ones: I would meet up with them and would just get a vibe I guess. Even the nice guys, when we met up, there was the awkward silence and struggling to find stuff to talk about.

Me: The silence thing sound pretty normal, but yeah- some guys are just gross. What was the worst date you went on?
Sarah: (Editor's note- not the most comforting story before I went on my first date with Brandon. Kinda felt like when I decided to watch Final Destination before I went to Germany for the school exchange program.)It would have been the non date. We were supposed to meet up for coffee and I waited for ages before giving up and just going in and ordering a coffee. I was pretty sure he saw me and decided not to go ahead with the date.(DOUCHEBAG.) Either that or he just purposely didnt show. Maybe he got scared and chickened out. Either way I never heard from him again. 

Me: That really blows. What was the best date you went on? (At this point, I need a success story. Realllllly didn't want to start freaking out.)
Sarah: I went out with this guy named Eric. We met up for dinner and then ended up going to a movie spur of the moment and then played pool for hours. Both of us just wanted to hang out all night. We felt comfortable and there was no awkward silence. We always had something to talk about, and ended up dating for about 3-4 months. (Chemistry! It's real! #whew Good to know.)

Me: And do you have any advice for others in the online dating pool?
Sarah: Just be yourself. And if you're scared, just work on getting through it. Chances are he's just as scared as you are.
And there's always going to be the horny guys you dont want to hear from. Ignore them. The world is full of idiots. Ya gotta get past the idiots to find the ones worth your time.

More little interviews to come! If you have any stories you'd like shared (KATIE!), just send me a message! Guest posts are always a possibility as well.

In the meantime, keep reading! Find out if I tell him yes! And as always, comments are welcome.

QOTD: "He was only interested in one thing. And he did NOT get it."~Kris

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