Monday, May 27, 2013

Rule #1 : Nut Up Or Shut Up

As eHarmony's free communication weekend comes to a close, here are the stats:

29 Matches (lies!)
Communicating with 9 of them
Emailing with 2 of them
Texting with two of them.
Scratch that 3. 

I swore to myself that I'd do this at least twice as open-minded as my grandma, so 50% open. (I'm working on the whole judging people thing, I swear. I can't just shut it off in a day though if I'm hoping to find the one.

And in my defense, it is really easy to mix people up when everyone's names rhyme. I'm in full-on Bryan/Ryan, Tim/Tom, Dan/Don scenarios here, which makes it more hilarious when I get the random Mashariqs, Gogas, and Kaushals thrown in there.

I've communicated with everybody who sent me inquiries, and I seem to have eliminated the major of sex-obsessed losers because I don't want them. I gave out my number numerous times and I thought I had a winner, because one of them texted me almost immediately, and that is the way to my heart:

Nut Up Or Shut Up

#1- We shall call him Adam, since he was the first to text.

5'11 (Taller than me!)
Jewish (Automatically family approved!)
Likes animals and willing to watch Doctor Who and attend Wizard World Philly!

So the texting was happening, and now the hard news started rolling in.

He has no job, and currently no prospects.
Lives with family but in his defense- both parents are seriously ill and he's needed there
Has no car because due to lack of job, he can't afford the maintenance and upkeep.
He hates a lot of physical activities due to past injuries, such as roller skating and ice skating.
And for those who are thinking it: no. He doesn't have that sons of anarchy body that makes my panties drop. Not even close, so it's personality based.

More on other prospects later, but any thoughts on Adam?


  1. Hey girl, let's hear about stoke of the others before we weigh in on Adam. BTW, what's Wizard World Philly? yes, I know... I'm quite ADD... lol

    1. Don't worry Thea! More is coming, just organizing my thoughts :) Wizard World Philly is a multi-fandom convention happening this weekend in Philadelphia!

  2. I think that it can't hurt to give him a chance. Taking care of parents shows good caring personality traits. Maybe text flirt a little and get some dating practice in. If he turns out to just be too lazy to work or a bum in some way then you at least tried. You gotta give someone a chance at some point :-)